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 Amazing Clark

The Amazing Clark performs close-up magic at a corporate event for the Fennville Chamber of Commerce.

Close-up entertainment: Clients like In Style Magazine in New York City, agree why The Amazing Clark has a

highly regarded reputation for sleight of hand.  Whether it is a corporate business meeting, trade show, banquet,

cocktail hour, or corporate event,  The Amazing Clark knows how to creatively integrate an entertaining and

informative routine of amazing magic and patter for your guests.  His unique ability to captivate and mesmerize,

all while informing, is as good as it gets.  “We look forward to having you back again next year”, Norhville

Chamber of Commerce. “Excellent show, very professional”, Time Magazine.  “Everyone enjoyed your highly

skilled magical entertainment”, Delmia Corporation. “Awesome”, Comerica Bank.

            “You’ll laugh until your cheeks hurt”

                                                                                                              The Battlecreek Enquirer

The Amazing Clark is a master of sleight of hand.  His unique ability to entertain with humor and incredible

magic is what keeps clients bringing him back year after year.  Whether it is the Roseland Theater in

New York City, The Ritz Carlton Hotel in Dearborn, MI, or The Cleveland Public Theater, Cleveland, OH,

The Amazing Clark will always engage the entire audience. 

       “How did he get my ring on his key-chain?”

                                                                                     Thrilled Audience Member, Time Magazine

Audience members will witness amazing card magic like the rising card effect, the 3 rope miracle, sponge ball mania, coin magic and flourishes, the mis-made dollar bill, borrowed ring to key-chain effect, the incredible

fire-wallet, and more!  The Amazing Clark will personalize his approach to suit the needs of your event. Making

your event a success, and leaving all of the audience members wanting more, is his main objective.

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