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Rocky the Dinosaur in OZ : A wonderful adventure featuring Rocky the Dinosaur, Tim the Tin Man, Leo the Lion, and Sam the Scarecrow.  All of the characters work together with the audience to help Tim the Tin Man, to keep from rusting.  They must follow the “yellow stick” road along with Rocky’s side kick dog DeSoto.  Laughs abound as the audience is swept up in this silly story.  Even the Moonchkins make an appearance.  This is a large scale show, with large theater, backdrop, lights, music, and more!  Great for all ages.  Perfect for performing arts theaters, libraries, schools, corporate events!

The King’s Dinner:   A super-fun puppet show with Beanpole and Jampot the official cooks for the King.  This story finds our cooks in a bit of trouble, as the lemon tarts that the King requested for his dinner, keep coming up missing.  They enlist the help of a

visiting chef named Lancelot, who happens to be a Lion. He helps the cooks to come up with a plan to catch the sticky handed bandit.  All is well as this story has a surprise ending that puts everyone in a happy mood.  Large Colorful puppets and props,

with large puppet theater, lights, music, and more!

Puppet Stage Show: A fun filled 45 minute show featuring “The incredible missing flower”, an original adaptation of a traditional tale, where more than

ten large hand-carved puppets appear.  This show is performed live and keeps the audience involved as they help colorful puppet characters like a clown, skunk, or alligator, solve the mystery of a heart warming tale.  Audience members are invited on stage to become puppeteers and learn how to manipulate marionette string puppets.  Hoppy the Bunny, a 4 foot tall puppet character, is the mascot of the show and helps get all of the children ready for the performance.  This show is perfect for ages 3 on up, and for small theaters, schools, gymnasiums, or outdoors.

Jo-Jo Fish and the Magic Pearl:  This brand new, large scale hand puppet show is sure to delight everyone in the audience.  Audience members join

Jo-Jo Fish and his friends Finn, Spike, Zavy, and Lu-Lu, as they try to recover the magic pearl from Rex the shark.  Excitement and suspense await everyone

as they travel with Jo-Jo on this underwater adventure, complete with four musical numbers that the audience can sing and clap along with. This show

is very colorful, with lights, sound effects, music, and comedy.

Three Pigs - Large and In Charge!: A brand new funny hand puppet show.  Join the famous trio as they set out to start their own construction company.  Things don’t work quite as they planned when the Big Bad Wolf comes to town. Watch the pigs as they work together and show the wolf who’s in charge!  This show uses a large puppet theater with lights, sound system, and music incorporated.   Great for all ages!  Performed live!  This show headlined at the Brighton Center for the Performing Arts, Brighton, MI.

Punch and Judy Puppet Show: Ten large hand carved victorian style puppets are used in this fast-paced show for all ages.  This show is an original adaptation of the traditional Punch and Judy Show, with a non-violent story line that keeps the children involved in every moment of the production.  This show is very interactive and is performed live!

Magic / Puppet Combo Show: A combination of the magic and puppet show together in one big spectacular extravaganza!  Lots of comedy and funny puppetry and amazing magic combined with plenty of audience participation.  This show is a favorite for clients like the Van Andel Public Museum, Grand Rapids, MI, Borders Books and Music, or the City of Greenville, MI.

The Billy Goats Gruff:  This puppet show uses members of the audience as puppeteers.  The Three Billy Goats try to cross the bridge where the troll lives.  Will they get to the other side”  Trip, trap, trip, trap, goes the audience members as they watch and see if the Billy Goats will enjoy a delicious dinner of green grass by the end of the show.  Beautiful large hand puppets are used along with colorful sets to create this stage production.  Over ten audience members participate in this story.

School Assemblies:  Our current shows available for

school assemblies include - The 3 Pigs, Jo-Jo Fish,

History of Puppetry from Around the World, Rocky

the Dinosaur in Oz, Punch and Judy, Billy Goats

Gruff, and, The King’s Dinner.  All programs are suitable for grades K-5, and are interactive!

Corporate Stage Shows: Our current shows available for Corporate Events include - The 3 Pigs, Jo-Jo Fish, Rocky the Dinosaur in Oz, Punch and Judy, Billy Goats Gruff, and The King’s Dinner.

We provide stage lights, music, and a sound


Three Pigs

Jo Jo Fish



School Assemblies

Corporate stage show

Rocky the Dinosaur

The King’s Dinner

Billy Goats Gruff

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Punch & Judy

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“Jo Jo Fish” puppet show

Puppet Stage Show

Magic/Puppet Combo



Puppet Stage Show

Holiday Puppet Shows

Holiday Puppet Show - Punch and Judy Christmas,  is a funny tale about all the Christmas spirit and joy we can muster up!

Halloween Harvest Show- The 3 Pigs Fall Follies, is a celebration of all the things we love about

the Fall Season!

Michigan Puppet Shows for Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Illinois, California, New Jersey, New York, Florida, South Dakota, Arizona, Oregon, Washington, and the U.S.